Rising 9th-11th Grade Students


At Blue Stars, we believe admissions should be a calm, purposeful, and rewarding experience for our students. Our team of counselors guide students in identifying and activating their greatest strengths and presenting their best self. We partner with families to help students get closer to their dream schools!

Since 2010, Blue Stars has helped hundreds of students in all aspects of the admissions process, and over 90% of applicants have been accepted to their top choice schools!  Admits include Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, and many others.


Stressed out about college admissions?

We’re here to help!

Students create a digital admissions portfolio to organize their college planning process.

This portfolio includes:

  • Compelling brag sheet and resume
  • Research report on careers related to interests and skills
  • Customized list of summer program and internship opportunities
  • Semester-by-semester strategic timeline of goals & action items through the application process
  • Complimentary post-workshop, one-on-one family consultation

Each student’s personalized portfolio will help give them a jumpstart on the application process, guiding your student in course planning, test prep, extracurriculars and summer opportunities during their high school years. Early and thoughtful planning ensures a sane, purposeful, and rewarding experience!

“Blue Stars finds a person’s inner strength — even when that person is not aware of it — and shows that student how to use it for applying to colleges.”
Undergraduate applicant admitted to Stanford University

Rising 9th-11th Graders

Get ready for college and career with this fun and interactive 5-session college planning workshop series for high school freshmen and sophomores. You’ll walk away with insider strategies and a personalized plan for your college path.

Through a series of five classes, students will develop their own unique story to guide them in the college planning and admissions process. Students explore career opportunities, examine their own extracurricular profile, and learn key strategies for test prep and course selection.

Is your organization interested in hosting a workshop? Contact us to learn more about arranging for a workshop with your students!


90% of Blue Stars students get into their dream schools every year!