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The Blue Stars Way

We invest in getting to know your teens’ interests, aspirations, and dreams from the inside out.

Empower teens to excel academically and activate their interests, inspiring them to find their authentic selves while building a competitive admissions profile.

A trusted and proven process. Everything we do is strategic and aligned with the admissions expectations of top colleges. And we get results.

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A proven track record for success

We’re not your ordinary admissions consulting service

“We don’t just steer your teen through the process, We work with teens to discover who they are and who they want to become. We focus on enhancing their natural abilities while guiding their intellectual development.” – Dr. M

Curious to see how we rank?

Blue Stars college acceptance rates versus regular admission rates

The path to a great college can be confusing,
complicated, and overwhelming if your child is not
equipped with the right support and strategic plan.

These days, top schools expect

  • A clear vision of an applicant’s future.
  • A rigorous academic plan.
  • Concrete volunteering experiences with evidence of a positive impact.
  • A curious mind that explores and advances over time.
  • An organized, mature person who is ready to challenge themselves, collaborate with others, and stay grounded in doing so.

We help teens and their families avoid unnecessary disappointment and make the best use of their high school years so that the admissions process is easier, more effective, and more successful.

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Is your child on target to meet these expectations?

You need an expert College Admissions Consultant who
will take what your teen has to offer and make it shine.

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Our high-performance programs include academic mentorship, community engagement, and personal development. Our method aligns with the expectations of top colleges and universities, which not only focus on external accomplishments like grades but are intrigued by who a student is from the inside out.

  • We systematically prepare teens for college.
  • We calmly and intelligently navigate the admission process.
  • We develop teens personally with the skills they need to succeed as adults.
  • We connect teens with internships through exclusive partnerships.

Core Areas We Focus On

Identify and ignite passions

Become more organized and focused

Solve problems on their own

Sharpen their story and write authentically and eloquently

Become calmer, more focused, and function effectively in the world

You’re in!

Preparing for the future.

We are proud to hear our students report they feel ready for college. They feel informed, confident, and successful when they work with us. We make it a priority for both students and parents to feel supported throughout the process. And we keep parents informed, so they will know how their teen is doing.

high school student working with college counselor

The relationship is everything.

Real growth needs time and investment. Our team strives to stay with our teens throughout their entire educational journey, starting in grade 8.

We believe in long-term relationships; growing together is an honor and privilege – for teens, consultants, and families. As we look back at the end of high school and reflect on what has been accomplished, we’ll stand proudly with you.

Leading hundreds of college-bound teens to success

  • 1

    Personal growth leads the way

  • 2

    Build life skills for now, college, and beyond.

  • 3

    Practice a culture of deep, open, nonjudgmental conversation and active integrated listening.

  • 4

    Where there is a teen, there are structured exercises leading to action plans tailor-made for them.

  • 5

    Driven by analytical thinking at every level of service.

  • 6

    Spirited by a growth mindset.

  • 7

    We believe in long-term relationships.

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About Us

Dr. Amy Morgenstern, Founder & CEO

For more than 15 years, our mission has been to help applicants feel ready for the future with college applications they can be proud of as they gain the attention of their best-fit colleges. That’s why our unique approach to working with teens combines deep listening, inspirational conversation, and strategic thinking with life-skills training. We believe that when teens are given the time to consider their options, they make very good decisions!

We are an incredibly tight-knit team trained in an elevated methodology, which includes an understanding of human behavior, philosophy, and social psychology.

Being a global company, we understand higher education on an international scale. Regardless of your location— California, New York, the country of Georgia, or the city of Chengdu—we can help your teen achieve success!

Let the team at Blue Stars help your teens craft their unique story that prioritizes self-awareness and personal growth so they can express true authenticity. Along the way, they will become calmer, more focused, and more mature. They will develop the skills, confidence, and self-reliance needed to get into their desired college and succeed once they get there.

The college admissions process is getting more and more complicated, and with shifting conditions, it’s normal to be confused. We can help you get through it all with pride and success.

Welcome future college students & families,

Dr. Amy M

Ph.D., MFA – CEO & Founder

A proven methodology

Extensive resources

Outstanding support

Personal growth leads the way – that’s Blue Stars' motto.

Are you ready?

The Blue Stars Way

College Planning

Make them shine: Starting in grade 8 we help your teen develop a well-rounded profile to showcase their character, accomplishments, and academic strengths.

General College Admission

Make some noise: We help guide teens through the entire admissions process, from selecting best-fit schools to writing essays and interviews.

Specialized Art Admissions

Art Portfolio Mentorship goes well beyond opening your teen’s perspective through education and critique. We help display talent, technical skill, independent creative thought, and distinction in concept.

“Blue Stars has been helping me for the past four years on not only applying to college, but also giving me advice for living my life and growing to be a well-rounded and responsible person….I am incredibly grateful as this process has allowed me to get into my dream school and become a better person.

— Amelia, Blue Stars student, Cupertino High School, Cupertino, CA

“Working with Dr. Amy Morgenstern on college planning and admissions was the best decision we made for our daughter… Our daughter grew more focused and more confident. She was also accepted to every program she applied to—the highly competitive SSEP at Smith College, the Columbia University Science Honors Program, and her application for early decision to Swarthmore College!”

—Sharon, Blue Stars parent

Make a plan for the future today

Here’s how to get started

Step 1

Book a free 30-min consultation

Let’s get together and talk about what Blue Stars can do for your teen and family. Meet one of our counselors and get to know us. If it feels right and we’re a good fit, we’ll set up the next step.

Step 2

Get ready for College Admissions with a strategic plan

We’ll meet for a 90-min in-depth consultation. Our lead counselor will assess your teen’s career path and create a detailed proposal showcasing their path to successful college admission and beyond.

Step 3

Solidify success. The future awaits great people

Once you accept the proposal, we’ll celebrate our partnership and get started working with a designated counselor just for you and your teen.

Step 4

Strategic & aligned for successful admissions applications

Support. Skills development. Confidence. Self-reliance. Personal development leads the way to a desired college and becoming the leader the world needs your child to be.

Resources to help teens and their families navigate the college admission process



Live Webinars

Our collection of stories, interviews, and tips provides insight and strategies to navigate the complex college planning and application process.

Learn, be inspired, and cultivate personal growth. From campus tours to interviews with former Blue Start students, choose the video that resonates with your personal journey.

Join us in our next webinar about college prep and other college related themes.

Free Workbook for Students

Blue Stars College Planning Foundations Workbook

Start today! Go through these strategic exercises to help you sketch out your plans for all four years of high school.

  • Learn key traits important to top colleges.
  • Write your first personal narrative
  • Branch out, exploring interests and defining activities.
  • Set goals and create your 4-year college planning timeline.

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Make the college application process less stressful and more successful

Start early.

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