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Leading the way for personal and academic excellence.

Starting in Grade 8 or 9, we help students through the entire college planning process. This may include a variety of strategies such as:

  • College selection
  • Choosing volunteer opportunities
  • High school curriculum planning
  • Matching internship opportunities
  • Learning time-management skills
  • Practicing for interviews
  • Preparing applications
  • Summer planning
  • Writing college essays

We go a step further than the status quo

Our high-performance programs include academic mentorship, community engagement, and personal development. Our method aligns with the expectations of top colleges and universities, which not only focus on external accomplishments like grades but are intrigued by who a student is from the inside out.

  • We systematically prepare teens for college.

  • We calmly and intelligently navigate the admission process.

  • We develop teens personally with the skills they need to succeed as young adults.

  • We connect teens with internships through exclusive partnerships.

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a virtual version of the globe

We work with students all over the world

We work with students from New York to Shanghai. Being a global company, we understand higher education on an international level. Regardless of your location— California, New York, the country of Georgia, or the city of Chengdu—remote and online education continues to be immensely impactful. We guide USA and International students through our comprehensive programs that are at the forefront of admissions and career trends.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Amy Morgenstern Blue Stars founder

Dr. Amy Morgenstern

Founder & CEO

Helen Ingerson Blue Stars college counselor

Helen Ingerson

Senior Counselor & Editor

Jennifer Turfler Blue Stars Admissions Consulting college counselor

Jennifer Turfler

Senior Counselor & Editor

Aliza Cohen Blue Stars art mentor

Aliza Cohen

Art Mentor

Leading hundreds of college-bound teens to success

  • 1

    Personal growth leads the way

  • 2

    Build life skills for now, college, and beyond.

  • 3

    Practice a culture of deep, open, nonjudgmental conversation and active integrated listening.

  • 4

    Where there is a teen, there are structured exercises leading to action plans tailor-made for them.

  • 5

    Driven by analytical thinking at every level of service.

  • 6

    Spirited by a growth mindset.

  • 7

    We believe in long-term relationships.

Read more about our philosophy and what each stage accomplishes

Our Commitment to your teen and your family.







More than just our business name,

it’s our philosophy.

No star shines as bright as the BLUE STAR

Did you know that blue stars are the brightest in any celestial constellation?

Blue stars are hot, massive, and emit a blue-white light with surface temperatures reaching tens of thousands of degrees Celsius (~25,000 K) and a mass that is 60X larger than the sun.

Their high energy output and intense radiation make them important in shaping the environments around them, influencing the formation and evolution of planets and other celestial bodies. It is the Blue Stars philosophy that every academic applicant has the potential to be a blue star among a constellation of stars in the admissions pool.

In order to get to this great state of luminosity, teens must be prepared, organized, and strategic to present themselves with clarity, style, intensity, and distinctiveness. Oftentimes, this tall order is best achieved through a collaborative partnership with a team of college and admission prep consultants with a proven track record for success.

Blue Stars helps teens — future college applicants — as they explore their interests, demonstrate their passions, showcase their achievements, and define their aspirations.