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The college application process is a complex, personal journey. We are here to guide you every step of the way. We understand that no two students are alike and customize our services to your specific goals and interests. By collaborating with our academically sophisticated team of experts, you will be able to showcase your talents and experiences in ways that will capture the attention of your dream school.


90% of Blue Stars students gain admission to the schools of their dreams.
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Our approach to the application process supercharges your natural abilities while driving your intellectual development. Not only do we guide you through the technical aspects of applying to college, we empower you to discover who you are as a learner and a thinker through introducing you to material and mentors customized to your specific interests. You will emerge from Blue Stars with a deeper understanding of yourself and what you want. You will also have a clear plan to achieve it.

The Blue Stars team is comprised of accomplished, active practitioners. We are educational professionals who have achieved success as writers, editors, musicians, educators, artists, environmentalists and much more. Blue Stars provides you one-on-one mentoring with our exceptional team, sparking an inner passion that will inspire you to create a personally fulfilling college experience that leads to an exciting career.


Blue Stars is an international company equipped with an understanding of higher education in a global context.

We Cover Clients from New York to Shanghai

We are masters at remote and online education. Whether you are located in New York, Shanghai, Moscow, Chengdu or California, our cutting-edge processes enable you to harness your passion and get into your dream school. Through the use of state-of-the-art digital platforms, we guide you through a comprehensive program designed to stay at the forefront of admissions and career trends.

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