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Admissions (11th-12th Grade)

The college application process in the U.S. has become more complicated over the years. High school guidance counselors are generally overloaded, working with an average of 430 students each year. This massive workload means it is extremely unlikely your teen will get the detailed, strategic counseling needed to get into a top school.

To address the need for more guidance, a Blue Stars admissions counselor will act as your teen’s personal guidance counselor.

Universities look beyond grades and test scores when screening candidates. They seek students who stand out from the crowd because of their passions, experiences, and drive. Think of Blue Stars as your teen’s bridge between high school and college. Our mission is to empower your teen so that they will capture the attention of even the most discerning admissions official.

Working with a Blue Stars admissions counselor, your teen will boost their application because they will:

  • Become a more self-reflective writer and thinker
  • Craft compelling essays that showcase their talents
  • Determine the right course of study that best fits their talents, interests and experience,
  • Create a school list that will provide ample options

Generally we recommend 10 schools, although some students apply to more. The goal is to have many choices. You want your teen to have a good mix of “reach” schools (competitive ones your teen aspires to), “target” schools (where your teen will probably get accepted), and “likely” schools (where your teen is confident of being accepted). Read more about school selection here.

Curious whether applying through Early Admission/Decision will help your teen’s chances of success? Learn more here.

Hobbies (offbeat and otherwise) are a great supplement to an already strong application. Learn more about how offbeat hobbies can help your teen get into their dream school here.

Admissions essays are key to your teen’s application. There’s heavy competition, and a good GPA and test scores will only take your teen so far. When an admissions officer wants to get an idea of who your teen really is, they look at the essay.

Here’s a secret. An admissions officer can spot a compelling personal statement in five seconds or less. Your teen has to make a great first impression and keep the reader with them all the way through, cheering (or crying) for them and looking forward to their arrival in the fall. The essay needs to do a lot.

A well-crafted application essay gives your teen the opportunity to connect directly with the admissions official. To help your teen stand out in the crowd, our Blue Stars counselor will work with them to hone their thinking and writing skills. Our counselors are highly successful writing professionals who will guide your teen in developing admissions essays that communicate their unique voice and perspective. We expect you and your teen will be proud of the result.

Blue Stars students are admitted to top schools every single year. You can find specific results here.

We attribute our success to our individualized program, which unlocks each student’s unique brilliance so it can shine.

Is your teen ready to apply for college?

Blue Stars Admissions Consulting knows what it takes to get into top schools and is here to guide your teen every step of the way. Our team of admissions wizards provide you and your teen with a clear map of the journey to their dream school, ensuring your teen is always organized and on time. Our unique approach inspires your teen to develop their individuality and express what sets them apart from other candidates.

Our Admissions service is for those who want maximum support with all aspects of applying to schools. We will guide you and your teen through the application process from beginning to end, paying special attention to your teen’s strengths and goals.

Our Admissions Consulting service includes:

  • A comprehensive, initial evaluation

  • Assistance with school research and selection:

    • Help with admissions essays and the technical aspects of the admissions process
    • Suggested supplemental reading or research

School Research and Selection

Selecting potential schools is exciting. It can also be confusing. Our School Selection Service provides analytical tools for thorough decision-making. The service includes:

Comprehensive, Initial Evaluation

Through extensive interviews, we will assess your student’s admissions profile from an academic, professional and personal perspective. This process allows us to gain a deep understanding of who your teen is and what they want to achieve.

  • Research into programs that fit your teen’s interests and goals, taking into account the school’s reputation and strengths in the chosen field of study, as well as your teen’s career and life goals

  • Detailed listing of schools with rankings, application requirements, appropriate departments, relevant faculty and comments on overall fit

  • A research sheet featuring clear school descriptions, as well as links to blogs and reviews specific to each school

Assistance with Admissions Essays

Crafting a compelling personal statement is an essential part of the application process. Here your teen can express their individuality, showcasing what sets them apart from other candidates. Your teen will partner with a Blue Stars mentor to create and refine a personal statement that will grab the attention of the admissions officers. We provide offline editing in addition to face-to-face collaboration.

Face-to-Face Meetings

Communication is key. Whether in person or online, our regularly scheduled face-to-face meetings are instrumental to achieving success. We discuss everything from strategy and essay writing, to school selection and applications, ensuring your teen is on the right track every step of the way.

Suggested Supplemental Reading or Research

We will provide resources customized to your teen’s interests and aspirations. Your teen will receive links to articles, books, websites, videos, audio and online classes that will inspire them to deepen their core interests and develop valuable material for the admissions essays.

Your teen will also receive:

  • Assistance with the school counselor’s questionnaire to secure the best report possible

  • Help with requesting letters of recommendation

  • A final check of each application

“I highly recommend Blue Stars. I love the approach that Dr. M and Helen take – they helped my son think through his interests, suggested opportunities, set goals, and continually challenged him to do better.”

…read more

– Susan P., Blue Stars parent
“Amy is excellent. She is sharp, incisive, precise and discerning.”

…read more

– Lori, Blue Stars alum
“I highly recommend Blue Stars. I love the approach that Dr. M and Helen take – they helped my son think through his interests, suggested opportunities, set goals, and continually challenged him to do better.”

…read more

– Susan P., Blue Stars parent
“Amy is excellent. She is sharp, incisive, precise and discerning.”

…read more

– Lori, Blue Stars alum

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