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It’s no secret the admissions process can be riddled with various challenges for students and their families. At the start, it may seem like an easy “get application & apply” process until you dig a little deeper and find out that there are several considerations, criteria, and strategies to consider.

Just as you begin to grasp the criteria for one college, the next application introduces a distinct set of requirements. Making wrong or misinformed choices, listening to hearsay advice, or relying on internet searches alone can be costly and add unnecessary stress to this life-changing choice.

The landscape in the USA is notably more competitive. Building a student’s narrative can take several years of preparation. Whether your student is just starting the college selection process or further along, our team at Blue Stars is ready to be your collaborative partner through it all.

Let’s Get Your Teen Ready!

Building a successful admissions story that leads to the kind of results most families dream of —and college admissions look for— requires a clear plan and systematic execution.

We help make the process less stressful and more successful.

  • Competitiveness: The increasing number of applicants and limited spots at prestigious institutions contribute to intense competition, making it challenging to stand out in a pile of admissions — we help your teen stand out.

  • Stress and Pressure: The pressure to get through applications is hard work and requires a high standard of precision and detail — our systematic process and expertise bring calm and focus to the process.

  • Complexity of Essays: Crafting compelling essays that capture one’s personality and achievements can be difficult, requiring introspection and effective communication skills — our expert counselors and expert editors ensure success.

  • Overall Application Complexity: The application process can be intricate, requiring students to gather and submit various documents, essays, recommendations, and test scores accurately, free of error, and on time — our method aligns development with the expectations of top colleges and universities.

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Start Early to Get Ahead

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College Admissions Consulting

When it comes to applying to college, our dedicated Blue Stars team makes every effort to consider each family’s and student’s unique needs.

  • Our exclusive techniques are meticulously crafted to empower and nurture college applicants, from choosing the best-fit colleges to preparing their application strategy along the way.

  • Our focus is on fostering inspiration, organization, confidence, and calm in every student, promoting their personal growth and well-being while fostering their intellectual excellence—ensuring they put their best foot forward along the way.

  • Our unwavering support is person-centered and collaboratively supported. We are proud to follow each Blue Stars student throughout their entire educational journey and beyond.

Guiding hundreds of college-bound students to success for more than 15 years — our BLUE STARS METHOD makes the difference.

3 ways we can pave a successful path to college…together.

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“Most college admission consultants are probably good at helping students submit grammatically and structurally correct essays and applications. Blue Stars Admissions Consulting, however, goes well beyond that. They are exceptionally adept at connecting with their students at a deeper level, helping them to discover and better understand who they are and to produce extremely personal, reflective applications that are impactful and demonstrate personal growth…”

— Amy R., Blue Stars parent

“Having Blue Stars on my side was a lifesaver throughout the college application process. As the oldest sibling in an immigrant family, I did not know where to start with my college applications. I received all the help and resources that I needed from Blue Stars, beginning with the school research process. …I felt like I was less stressed about the application process than many of my peers because I had done a lot of preparation work with Helen, and I felt like I could reach out at any time for her to answer a question or revise a draft. Whereas some of my peers at school would have to wait for days or nearly a week for other counselors to review their work, I could always count on Helen to reply to me with her comments within a day, many times even within the hour. …I will forever be grateful.

— Jeffrey, Blue Stars student, Mitty High School, San Jose, CA

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We’ll meet for a 90-min in-depth consultation. Our lead counselor will assess your teen’s career path and create a detailed proposal showcasing their path to successful college admission and beyond.

Step 3

Solidify success. The future awaits great people

Once you accept the proposal, we’ll celebrate our partnership and get started working with a designated counselor just for you and your teen.

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Strategic & aligned for successful admissions applications

Support. Skills development. Confidence. Self-reliance. Personal development leads the way to a desired college and becoming the leader the world needs your child to be.

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