Dr. Amy Morgenstern, Founder & CEO

Drawing on her extensive education, admissions expertise, and multicultural experience, Dr. Amy Morgenstern (affectionately known as “Dr. M”) founded Blue Stars Admissions Consulting in 2010 and developed the company’s life-coaching style of college counseling. Dr. Morgenstern personally selects and trains each counselor, and closely collaborates with them to ensure student success. She is currently working on a book connecting ancient Greek philosophical wisdom to the college planning journey.

Dr. M’s aim is for applicants to feel ready for the future. That’s why she crafted a unique approach to working with teens that combines deep listening, inspirational conversation, and strategic thinking with life-skills training. She fervently believes that when teens are given the time to consider their options, they make very good decisions!

She is also truly fascinated by the uniqueness of every individual she meets and enjoys carving pathways for any student, no matter where they are in the college planning process. Accordingly, she trains her team of counselors to lead with empathy, patience, and attentiveness as they guide students through the challenges of planning for and applying to college.

Dr. M also understands the stress parents feel when it comes to planning for their child’s future and values her private discussion time with parents as part of the Blue Stars service. Most important is that both students and parents feel supported throughout the process.

A first-generation college student herself, Dr. M holds a Ph.D. in philosophy and an MFA in contemporary art. She is a former professor of philosophy, honors program associate director, and assistant to the director of the MIT Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture. Fluent in German, Dr. M served as a Dissertation Fellow at the Bergische Institut in Germany for two years. An award-winning writer, Dr. M is a master interpreter of culture. She researches major trends in admissions and academic culture, and regularly shares her findings in professional presentations.

Dr. M is an active interdisciplinary artist and avid hiker. She can often be found at the beach with her beloved German Shepherd, Jax.

HECAWACACIECA Professional Member