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Proven methods and techniques that are meticulously crafted for potential art students to empower and nurture personal, academic, and artistic abilities.

Partnership with a team of expert counselors specialized in various art forms and dedicated to success.

Craft extremely personal, reflective applications and artist statements that are impactful and demonstrate personal growth and artistic expression.

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  • Learn key traits important to top colleges.
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  • Branch out, exploring interests and defining activities.
  • Set goals and create your 4-year college planning timeline.

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Let’s get your teen ready for the ART PROGRAM of their dreams

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College Art Programs can sometimes be more challenging than regular college admissions because they admit students through unique and specific criteria and face space limitations per semester, increasing the competition for admission.

Many applicants start building their portfolios years in advance, requiring consistent practice and dedication to improve their skills and create a compelling body of work.

Highlighting the exceptional artistic identity and vision of each student is vital. The Blue Stars team understands the power of creative energy and will help your teen channel their energies into the academic world.

Our specialized Art Admissions consulting services provide the structure, inspiration, and guidance needed to help get your teen into a top art school.

Let’s Get Your Teen Ready!

Creating a successful artistic profile that leads to the kind of results most families dream of —and college admissions look for — requires years of cultivation.

We can help make the process less stressful and more successful.

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Start Early to Get Ahead

Specialized Art Admissions Consulting Services

When it comes to applying to an art major or designated art college, our dedicated Blue Stars team makes every effort and consideration to meet each family’s and student’s unique needs.

  • Our exclusive techniques are meticulously crafted to empower and nurture college applicants from choosing the best-fit college to making the application(s), and preparing their presentation (interview) and strategy along the way.

  • Our focus is on fostering inspiration, organization, confidence, and calmness in every student, promoting their personal growth and well-being while fostering their intellectual excellence—ensuring they put their best foot forward along the way.

  • Our unwavering support is person-centered and collaboratively supported. We are proud to follow each Blue Stars student throughout their entire educational journey and beyond.

Leading hundreds of college-bound students to success for more than 15 years — our STARS METHOD makes the difference.

3 ways we can pave a successful path to college…together.

Full-Service BFA and MFA Program Admissions Consulting

Art Portfolio Mentorship for High School Students


“When I first started working with Blue Stars, I wasn’t completely sure I wanted to pursue art. She encouraged me to immerse myself in the art world by visiting art museums and listening to art-related podcasts. These engaging activities inspired me, and I became more passionate about studying art in the future. With Blue Stars’ guidance during the college admissions process, I was admitted into my dream school, RISD! I was very nervous because the applications felt overwhelming at first, but it became easier to complete everything once it was broken down into specific tasks. Blue Stars gave me lots of excellent feedback on my essays, and I became more confident in what I wanted to convey in my writing. Not only did Blue Stars help me academically, but she also enthusiastically instilled me with valuable life skills that I will take into the future.”

— Jeanie, Blue Stars student, Gunn High School, Palo Alto, CA

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Get ready for College Admissions with a strategic plan

We’ll meet for a 90-min in-depth consultation. Our lead counselor will assess your teen’s career path and create a detailed proposal showcasing their path to successful college admission and beyond.

Step 3

Solidify success. The future awaits great people

Once you accept the proposal, we’ll celebrate our partnership and get started working with a designated counselor just for you and your teen.

Step 4

Strategic & aligned for successful admissions applications

Support. Skills development. Confidence. Self-reliance. Personal development leads the way to a desired college and becoming the leader the world needs your child to be.

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Our collection of stories, interviews, and tips provides insight and strategies to navigate the complex college planning and application process.

Learn, be inspired, and cultivate personal growth. From campus tours to interviews with former Blue Start students, choose the video that resonates with your personal journey.

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