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Top Five Summer Pre-College Art Programs

Using summer pre-college programs to deepen artistic interests and determine best fit in a college [...]

Dr. M’s 10 Favorite Summer Programs

The right plan makes all the difference in successful summer program admissions When I first [...]

A Parent’s Guide to the 4-Year High School Timeline for Competitive Students

It’s easy for parents to feel confused about college admissions. It keeps getting harder. It’s [...]

Don’t Lock Yourself into One Career Goal: A College Junior Offers Advice to High School Students

The best part of Blue Stars is becoming friends with our students and catching up [...]

As Acceptance Rates Fall, Soft Skills Matter More Than Ever

Admissions rates are falling quite dramatically, and not just at the nation’s top 10 schools. [...]

7 Key Traits that Impress Top Colleges (It’s Not What You Think!)

I spend a great deal of time in consultation sessions with new families dispelling myths [...]

Our New College Planning Workbook for 9th and 10th Graders!

At Blue Stars, we define TEEN POWER as: Knowing who you are Knowing what you [...]

Harvard Admissions Demystified: What Can We Learn?

Harvard doesn’t appreciate applicants who are too techie or give off an arrogant vibe. It [...]

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