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312, 2020

Admissions Survival Toolkit #3: Five Steps to a Head-Turning Resume

By |December 3, 2020|Categories: Admissions Survival Toolkit|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

You’ve got the right experiences and activities, but how do you make sure admissions officers, internship coordinators, and award decision-makers know how truly awesome you

212, 2020

Admissions Survival Toolkit #2: Which Extracurricular Activities Do Colleges Want to See?

By |December 2, 2020|Categories: Admissions Survival Toolkit|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

How many extracurricular activities should I have? This is the wrong question. Admissions committees want to see what we call "The 7C's"

112, 2020

Admissions Survival Toolkit #1: Defining Your Interests for College Admissions Success

By |December 1, 2020|Categories: Admissions Survival Toolkit|Tags: , , , , , , |0 Comments

Welcome to the Blue Stars College Admissions Survival Kit -- Your powerful insider toolkit for getting into the school of your dreams!

112, 2020

Teen Volunteering Ideas while Sheltering in Place

By |December 1, 2020|Categories: Featured|0 Comments

I’ve been thinking about a precious lesson we’ve learned together: even when times are tough and the world feels topsy turvy, we can still find a little extra room in our souls and our schedules to aid those who are less fortunate.

2911, 2020

The Importance of Taking Teen Stress, Grief, and Sadness Very Seriously (and What You Can Do About It)

By |November 29, 2020|Categories: Featured|Tags: |0 Comments

From the series: 21st-Century Teenhood and Toxic Stress I have often asked myself how I — a former academic philosopher with no children, no desire

2911, 2020

College Planning Stresses Teens Out, But It Doesn’t Have To

By |November 29, 2020|Categories: Featured|Tags: |0 Comments

If ever there were a universal trigger for teen stress and parent-teen strife in today’s society, it’s the prospect of college admissions.

2911, 2020

The Key Problem Plaguing Today’s Teens: A Crisis in Self-Regulation Amidst Rising Demands

By |November 29, 2020|Categories: Featured|Tags: |0 Comments

"Children today are fundamentally different from past generations," she writes. "They truly have less self-control. Simply put, we face a crisis of self-regulation."

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