17Dec, 2022

Stress Management Tips for Teens (+ a Bonus Pro Tip!)

By |December 17th, 2022|Featured, Mental Health|

I remember working with Vince G. a few years back. He was a self-described overachieving high school student from the Bay Area. On most days, he was able to balance extracurriculars with academics, a part time job, sports and a girlfriend. But in the fall of his junior year, he found himself overwhelmed trying to write a college application essay. The importance of this work weighed heavily on him [...]

11Nov, 2022

Community Service Tips the Scales for College Applicants

By |November 11th, 2022|Featured|

Community service is important to colleges because it proves a student will be active on campus outside of class, contribute to the university’s mission, and share the school’s values, painting a positive picture of a young adult who will be a productive member of a university community. Students who are active in the community show they care about things outside of their personal sphere. But Just How Important [...]

13Oct, 2022

How to Help Your Teen Avoid the Debilitating Trap of Perfectionism

By |October 13th, 2022|Featured|

In reality, nothing is more unattainable than perfection. Jessica, a former Blue Stars student, learned this lesson last spring when planning her passion project to gain distinction in admissions. Jessica wanted to combine her interest in art with community service involving underserved youth. A bright, creative student with a busy extracurricular schedule and solid grades, Jessica made little progress on her project because, in her opinion, her ideas were [...]

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