Wouldn’t it be cool if your young teen had:

  • A defined sense of purpose
  • A strategy for carving a unique path to a top college
  • A goal-setting system and SMART goals for the next 6 months
  • An individualized timeline detailing college planning milestones on a monthly basis for all 4 years of high school
  • An organized vision encompassing goals, aspirations, specific interests, and special talents that will prepare them for a successful admissions journey
  • And personal narrative writing skills?

At Blue Stars, we’ve devised coaching system that helps teens

  • Know who they are
  • Know what they want
  • Know how to get there

And we created a WORKBOOK with exercises to help teens sketch out their plans for all four years of high school in a fun, interactive, and step-by-step way. Here’s a preview of the Introduction and Table of Contents:

At Blue Stars, we love teens, and we believe in them!

We also realize that, although they are full of potential, many teens have difficulty planning for the future and might not be successful at filling out the workbook on their own.

Knowing that adolescent brains are not yet fully equipped for this kind of executive function activity, we’ve created a mentoring program introducing them to project- and time-management skills while also making concrete plans for a unique college path.

Our one-on-one program provides individualized guidance through all the exercises in the Teen Power Foundations Workbook. It includes individual 1-hour meetings on:

  1. Learning Key Traits Important to Top Colleges and Identifying your Story
  2. Writing Your First Hero’s Journey
  3. Branching Out, Exploring Interests, and Defining Activities
  4. Goal-Setting
  5. College Planning Timeline
  6. Summary and Wrap-Up
  7. Complimentary Meeting with Student and Parents

Believing in teens means giving them the space and time to puzzle through the transition from young adolescent to pre-professional young adult. As psychologist Nicholas Allen notes, “when it comes to decisions that allow them time for reflection, the evidence suggests an adolescent’s skills can be on-par with a fully-grown adult.” Our Foundations service will get your adolescent started on developing healthy habits, making good decisions, and leveraging their interests and skills for future success.

The team at Blue Stars would love to help equip your teen!

Need more details? Sign up for a FREE 30-minute Discovery Session and chat with one of our counselors.

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