We at Blue Stars College have created a FREE WORKBOOK with exercises to help you sketch out your plans for all four years of high school in a fun, interactive, and step-by-step way.

You won’t believe it, but high school goes by really fast! The next thing you know, you’re a stressed-out senior trying to figure out whether you like bioinformatics or bioengineering, which schools might be best for the plan you haven’t yet defined, and how to write a personal essay without a clear vision of your goals and aspirations. Overwhelming!

But there’s another way – one in which you start early, set foundations, and tackle things step-by-step. We know that planning for college while also dealing with the challenges of high school is a big job. Most teens need help with it.

Help is here for you! Once you download the Blue Stars College Planning Workbook, you’ll get guidance on:

  • Learning Key Traits Important to Top Colleges
  • Writing Your First Personal Narrative
  • Branching Out, Exploring Interests, and Defining Activities
  • Setting Goals
  • Creating your 4-Year College Planning Timeline

We love teens, and we believe in them!

Download the workbook and get started on your unique and brilliant future!