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College profile development and planning starting in grade 8 or 9.

College profile development and planning starting in grade 8 or 9.

Tackle the rocky road of high school with calm, intention, and purpose.

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  • Learn key traits important to top colleges.
  • Write your first personal narrative.
  • Branch out, exploring interests and defining activities.
  • Set goals and create your 4-year college planning timeline.

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How competitive is college?

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The process of achieving admission to colleges in the USA has grown notably more competitive. It’s important to recognize that a strong GPA alone no longer serves as a guaranteed path to college acceptance.

Today, the admission process takes into account several other factors  – academic performance, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, well-crafted essays, and, in some cases, a portfolio or successful interview.

Beyond academic achievements, colleges now consider a holistic view of the applicant, valuing qualities such as effective communication skills, time-management, organizational abilities, and ethical integrity – how developed a student is personally.

As early as the 8th grade, high school students can engage with our college counselors to receive guidance on major, course, and activity selection so they can carve a path to their dream schools.

Building a successful admissions profile that leads to the kind of results most families dream of – and college admissions look for – requires years of cultivation. We can help make the process less stressful and more successful.

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Start Early to Get Ahead

College Planning Services

Our exclusive techniques are meticulously crafted to empower and nurture younger teenagers as they progress through high school. We focus on fostering inspiration, organization, confidence, and calm in every student, promoting their personal growth and well-being while fostering their intellectual excellence – ensuring they are making the right choices along the way.

Our unwavering support is person-centered. Students who work with us learn how to take action and choose the right internships, summer programs, and volunteer opportunities so they can impress colleges with their initiative, leadership, and community engagement.

Guiding hundreds of college-bound students to success for more than 15 years. Working with Blue Stars early on proves our METHOD makes the difference.

4 ways we can pave a successful path to college…together.


Ready, set, go! Summer planning

Summer Planning

Full-Service College Planning


“We had a wonderful experience working with Blue Stars over the past 4 years. Blue Stars has been incredibly patient, caring, and thoughtful in guiding Adam throughout the college planning and application essay editing process. Together, Blue Stars and Adam got into the university and major of his choice. The execution and project management were also top-notch. Adam could not have done it without Blue Stars’ support!”

— Henry, Blue Stars parent

“Dr. M is so much more than just a college counselor. She’s a life mentor. I first started working with Dr. M during my freshman year when I had no direction, let alone any motivation. I resented the idea of having a college counselor because I thought that she would force me to do cookie-cutter extracurriculars to boost my college resume. Rather Dr. M encouraged me to pursue activities that truly interested me, even something as unorthodox as taking DJing classes, which ultimately helped me find my true passions.

From helping me craft essays that captured the breadth of my personality to preparing me for interviews, Dr. M streamlined the college application process and somehow made it slightly enjoyable. I can’t thank Dr. M enough for helping me get into my dream schools and playing an indispensable role in my personal development throughout my high school career.

— Michael B., Blue Stars student, Saratoga High School, Saratoga, CA

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