In Part I, we shared the story of Jacob, a talented student in need of artistic direction who landed scholarship offers to five top art colleges within a year of us working together.

Like Jacob, it’s possible for you to find the best program fit using the same research strategies. Start with the three-point checklist described in Part I to build a list of schools worth pursuing.

Once you’ve verified the school is accredited and of high quality, you’re ready to dive deeper into which programs will offer the right fit for you. We’ll give you some questions to ask yourself, and help you assess which colleges will provide you the best opportunities and connections, below.

Among the many factors that will inform your decision, here are three important ones to consider when looking at art colleges:

1. Campus location is the heart of your community.

2. Faculty are your bridge to the real world.

3. Career development is an ongoing process, but the foundation is built in college.

Ready to start exploring art colleges? Contact Blue Stars to learn about advising and mentoring services for art students!

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