Sorry, wrong question!

But we knew it would get your attention because that’s the question everyone always asks. They also ask, “How many extracurricular activities should I have?” This also is the wrong question.

Admissions committees don’t think like that. What they want to see displayed throughout your activities are unique examples of what we call the 7 Core Attributes — “The 7 C’s”:

  1. Challenge — growth as a result of challenge or hardship
  2. Creativity — initiative
  3. Curiosity — a seeking nature, contributing to intellectual development
  4. Character — generous and ethical
  5. Commitment — demonstrated interest in and dedication to what you find important
  6. Collaboration — ability to work with and lead others
  7. Cultural Intelligence — ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds

Your college application has to tell a coherent story about who you are — one that makes sense to an admissions committee.

You need to think about what your activities demonstrate — what “story” they tell about you. How do you do this? Here are the steps — we’ll give you the tools. Use our Current Activities Assessment Tool below to help you do this exploration.

Suggested Steps for Success

  • Do the step-by-step analysis of where you stand, using our Current Activities Assessment Tool below
  • Figure out where you want to be — what story do you want to be able to tell? What additional experiences do you need to make your story compelling and impressive?
  • Fill in the gaps!

If you decide you might like the support of an expert college counselor, Blue Stars will be happy to give you a free in-depth assessment.

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