How is Blue Stars different from other admissions and college planning services?

At Blue Stars you are not just a set of grades and test scores. Our highly successful and creative team of admissions strategists takes the time to get to know you from the inside out, exploring every nook and cranny of your talent and experience. Not only will we learn about you, you will learn about yourself! We dive deep into what you care about, what subjects interest you, how you envision your future and how to make it happen. We empower you to express your individual brilliance in ways that will capture the attention of top schools.

What’s it like to work with Blue Stars?

The Blue Stars process will transform and inspire you in ways you might not expect. We provide a dedicated team of admissions strategists who work side-by-side with you through all stages of the admissions process. You will engage in deep discussions with your strategist about your passions and the schools that interest you, gaining creative inspiration, insight and guidance on both personal and academic levels. Your dedicated admissions strategist will become a trusted mentor who will guide you along the path to your dream school.

We take what you have to offer and make it shine! You will learn:

  • How to identify your passions and ignite them
  • How to become an independent problem solver
  • How to become more organized and focused
  • How to express yourself eloquently through writing
  • How to operate effectively in the professional world

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Why should I work with an admissions consultant? How will I benefit?

Though the college application process has become more complicated over the years, high school guidance counselors continue to be overloaded with students. In fact, the average guidance counselor works with 475 students each year! This massive workload makes it difficult to provide the detailed and strategic counseling necessary to help students gain entry into top schools.

To address the need for more guidance, Blue Stars admissions strategists provide you extensive access to your own personal project manager.

Can an admissions consultant really help my chances?

Universities look beyond grades and test scores when screening candidates; they seek students who stand out from the crowd based on unique passions, experiences and drive. Think of Blue Stars as your bridge between high school and college. Our sole mission is to empower you to express your individuality in ways that will capture the attention of even the most discerning admissions official.

Working with a Blue Stars admissions strategist you will boost your application through:

  • Becoming a more self-reflective writer and thinker
  • Crafting compelling, distinctive essays that showcase you
  • Strategizing on the right courses of study that best represent your experience, background, talents and interests
  • Creating a school list that will provide ample options to chose from

How many schools should I apply to?

Generally a list of 10 schools is recommended, although some students apply to more. The goal is to many choices. You want a good mix of reach (schools you aspire to gain admission to), target (schools you are likely to gain admission to) and safety (schools you are confident you will gain admission to) options. Read more about school selection here.

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Should I apply through Early Admission or Early Decision?

Curious if applying through Early Admission/Decision will help your chances of success? Learn more here.

Will offbeat hobbies help my application?

Hobbies (offbeat and otherwise) are a great supplement to an already strong application. Learn more about how off-beat hobbies can help you get into your dream school here.

Why are admissions essays so important?

Admissions essays are prime application real estate! Applying for college is an area of stiff competition where a GPA and test scores only take you so far. When an admissions officer wants to get an idea of who you really are they look to your admissions essay.We will let you in on a little secret: an admissions officer can spot a compelling personal statement in 5 seconds, or less. You’ve got to make a great first impression and keep your reader with you all the way through, cheering (or crying) for you in the end, looking forward to your arrival in the fall. Your essay needs to accomplish a lot.

If crafted well, the application essay offers you the opportunity to make a direct connection with your audience, an admissions official. To assist you in honing your writing and thinking skills as you embark on your writing journey, your Blue Stars partner will empower you to discover what makes you different. You will work with our team of highly successful writing professionals to develop admissions essays that dynamically communicate your unique voice and perspective. And you will be really proud of what you wrote.

Where have Blue Stars students been accepted?

Blue stars students are admitted to top schools every single year. We attribute our success to the individualized, transformative experience we offer our students. We empower you to let your unique brilliance shine! You can find specific results here.

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I want to get into the best school possible. What should I do in high school to prepare?

Gaining admission to your dream school goes beyond grades and test scores; you must demonstrate you are engaged and active in the world in your own unique way. Blue Stars provides you with the guidance and inspiration necessary to grab the attention of your dream school through demonstrating initiative and drive. We want to show schools you are the type of person who jumps in and makes things happen! A great way to do this is through independent projects.Blue Stars guides you in defining yourself and your core interests, as well as identifying projects you can develop and bring to completion. We will show you to take initiative, take chances and learn from the experience.

Don’t be afraid to try new things! Did you know all the best leaders have failed at least once in their lives? We understand trying new things can be scary, but putting yourself out there will open doors to areas of life beyond what you have imagined for yourself. Always been interested in technology? Start a computer club! Love the idea of giving back to your community? Organize a volunteer group! The possibilities for independent projects are virtually endless. Simply discover your passion and let the ideas soar.

What is the Blue Stars Jumpstart program?

It all begins with Jumpstart! College admissions is getting more and more complicated, requiring careful and strategic planning. Within 2 weeks of beginning our Jumpstart program you will have a concrete roadmap rich in resources that will guide all the way to your dream school. Blue Stars provides an extensive library of material tailored to your specific passions, allowing you to expand your knowledge and skillsets in ways that far surpass what you learn in school.

Why should I work with a college counselor? How will I benefit?

Not sure how to juggle your high school class load while navigating the intricate process of preparing for college? Working with a college counselor helps you stay organized and on-time in the face of competing high school demands and a busy extracurricular schedule. Blue Stars works with you to outline a clear plan, making important decisions along the way. We’ll help you get acquainted with colleges of interest. And we’ll inspire you to be curious about the world, define your interests, and activate them (that’s the fun part!).

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When is the best time to start?

It’s never too early and it’s never too late! While most of our students start in 9th grade, we have worked with students as young as 7th grade and as advanced as 12th.

Are precollege summer programs important for admissions?

Yes! Precollege summer programs can boost your admissions chances by:

  • Helping you gain experience and more specialized knowledge in your intended focus subject
  • Allowing you to explore passions and potential fields of study

Applying for top summer pre college programs is an important exercise for high school students – think of it as a dress rehearsal for the real deal––college application essay writing.

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