Are you an entrepreneurial academic professional who thrives in an intense, fast-paced Silicon Valley business environment? Are you a self-possessed, results-oriented person interested in a creative, less conventional, and highly collaborative professional life? If so, this might be the perfect position for you! Blue Stars seeks a seasoned professional to join our team of superstars serving families in the Bay Area, nationally, and internationally.

Who We Are

Blue Stars is an elite Bay Area college admissions consultancy now in its 12th year. Close-knit and highly collaborative, we are a high-performing MVP team with a consistent record of supporting students and their parents through the college planning and admissions processes. While we are best known for helping students gain admission to Ivy League and top-tier schools, we take pride in working with a variety of students. In any given year, our roster includes high-achieving high-school students and graduate applicants, art students, neurodiverse students, nonbinary students, and teens dealing with emotional issues such as anxiety. Our success comes through a multifaceted, nuanced approach to all stakeholders and an unshakable focus on individual uniqueness and teen personal growth. Our clientele consists of very successful, affluent professionals seeking a stable path to a happy future for their children. They are exacting, with high expectations, which we routinely exceed. Because of our proven record, Blue Stars is growing rapidly.

Who You Are

You are an MVP educational professional ready to begin a long-term engagement with a busy, elite consultancy. Holding both an undergraduate and postgraduate degree from institutions with rigorous academics, you possess a growth mindset as well as GRIT and can excel in a number of different kinds of tasks, from counseling younger students on their summer and volunteering plans, to coaching students applying to top-tier colleges, to consultative sales. You are a seasoned project manager and collaborator who “works smart,” communicating clearly and promptly with colleagues and possessing strong facility in industry-standard tools such as Google Suite, Asana, Zoom, and Calendly and up-to-date tech devices. You are a systems thinker, life-long learner, and proven problem-solver who leads students through the challenging process of college/admissions planning, keeping them motivated throughout. You are a critical and creative thinker, as well as an amazing writer, skilled editor, and imaginative brainstormer. The documents you produce are meticulously formatted with perfect grammar and punctuation. You live in the Bay Area, understand its culture, are familiar with its high schools, and are available for remote work up to 30 hours, 5 days a week, one of them on a weekend day.

Essential Functions of the Job

  • Manage a portfolio of 10 college planning students (8th-11th grade) and 10 admissions students at a high-touch level of service

  • Participate in marketing and professional development activities

  • Join our sales team and become an active member of our consultative sales practice once you’ve mastered our counseling practice

Paid training will be provided for alignment with our methodology and culture.

How Your Career Will Progress at Blue Stars

Blue Stars team members are paid at a higher rate than counselors at most other agencies. You will be compensated in three ways:

  • For your client work, you receive a set portion of the sale in piece-rate style

  • For marketing, professional development, team meetings, and training activities, you are compensated at an hourly rate

  • Through sales commission

New counselors can expect to earn around $50K in their first year. Top earners with the company 5+ years and active in sales can expect to earn approximately $100K for 30-35 hours of work. Team members who join Blue Stars during this time of rapid growth and advance within the company over a period of time will be offered a bonus structure.

Office hours are flexible and non-traditional. Because we work with high school students and their families, we tend to be most active afternoons, evenings, and weekends. There is a fair amount of flexibility in terms of the counselor/editor’s exact schedule. It is mandatory to be available one weekend day.

You’ll start out being trained in our methodology and culture through a certification and apprenticeship program led by senior academic staff as well as the company’s founder, an active philosopher and artist who has designed a systematic framework for our practice. You will be assigned a mentor for ongoing professional development with the aim of advancing to the next level of Blue Stars professionalism and becoming an independently operating counselor at Blue Stars after 1-2 years of service.

How to Apply


  • Applications must be received through our Google form for initial consideration.

  • The form will ask you for your:

    1. Resume
    2. A short cover letter, no more than 300 words, outlining how the role at Blue Stars aligns with your life aspirations.
    3. Short essay (250-300 words) responding to the following question: Which of the following qualities in the “Who you are” section do you most identify with? Why? Can you provide an example or two demonstrating this quality?
    4. A writing sample totaling no more than 800 words. This can include your own creative work, work submitted for a degree, web content, journalistic and/or academic writing, or materials related to college counseling and teen mentoring.

We will be reviewing applications on an ongoing basis and conducting 15-minute initial screening calls starting on March 1. Because of the high volume we generally receive, we’ll need to confine our responses only to candidates of interest. We wish you all well on your professional path!

Blue Stars Admissions Consulting is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any classification protected by federal, state, or local law.

Please, no solicitation. It won’t help your candidacy. We’ll look through every application carefully, we promise!

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