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Dr. M leads a team of distinctive mentors who bring decades of teaching, admissions, and writing experience to their work with Blue Stars students. She selects academic counselors through a rigorous application process (very much like an admissions journey) that includes several essays and interviews. After getting to know each finalist well, she chooses those most qualified to put her high-performance, holistic methodology into practice. Dr. M then personally trains each counselor through an in-depth apprenticeship program. As a team leader, she makes sure her staff remains up-to-date on the latest admissions trends and news. She and her team collaborate closely as a group, exchanging information and insight, on a regular basis.

As a result, Blue Stars counselors are not just outstanding editors and mentors. They are also superior strategists and life coaches who excel at helping students find their unique path to college while gaining confidence and calm along the way. It is with great pride that Blue Stars introduces Full-Service Counselor Jennifer Turfler.

Jennifer Turfler Blue Stars Admissions Consulting college counselor

An educator for the past 20 years with a master’s degree in education and counseling, Jennifer Turfler brings extensive experience as an undergraduate advisor and a high school instructor to her work at Blue Stars.

For over a decade, Jennifer taught British Literature, World Literature, and Humanities at one of the highest performing secondary schools in California through a tailored approach encouraging self-reflection and authenticity. She additionally developed a six-week curriculum for high school seniors focused solely on personal statement writing, guiding them in finding their unique voice.

Jennifer’s inherent ability to motivate students led her to become an academic advisor at UC San Diego, where she helped students select extracurricular activities such as fieldwork, internship, and research opportunities to complement their majors and set them on a career path. She most enjoyed guiding students in making their college studies rich and purposeful.

Jennifer has helped hundreds of students gain entrance to their dream colleges and select majors that bring them personal and professional fulfillment. When she’s not working with students, she enjoys reading at the beach, playing tennis, writing, traveling, and spending time with her husband, her two daughters, and their rescue dog Bella.

What do you most love about guiding students through their admissions journey?

I love guiding students through self-discovery and personal reflection exercises, witnessing the growing realization of the awesome extent of their strengths and talents and just how capable they are. Helping students define their purpose and visualize how they can positively impact the world is the best part of my work with students.

What kinds of extracurricular activities look best on applications?

Those that are meaningful to the student. It is obvious to admissions officers when a student connects with something they care about. Activities that show authentic passion lead the way!

If you would like to receive one-on-one personalized help in college counseling from Jen or any of our college counselors, contact us today!

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About the Author: Amy Morgenstern

Dr. Amy Morgenstern, affectionately known as Dr. M, is the founder and CEO of Blue Stars Admissions Consulting. She holds a Ph.D. in philosophy and an MFA in contemporary art. A former professor of philosophy, honors program associate director, and assistant to the director of the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture, Dr. M brings a wealth of academic and multicultural experience to her practice.

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