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“Beyond what has already been shared in your application, what do you believe makes you stand out as a strong candidate for admission to the University of California?”

Personal Insight Question 8 demands deep introspection, creativity, and a delicate balance between showcasing your unique qualities and character without coming across as boastful.

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In this blog post, we’ll guide you through a thoughtful response to PIQ 8, offering insight on whether answering this question will work to your advantage or not.

Before you start, it’s important to think about what it means to “stand out.”

Personal Insight Question 8 can initially feel perplexing and even intimidating, as it challenges you to differentiate yourself from other applicants. Often, it can lead either to self-doubt or, on the other side of the spectrum, the temptation to brag about achievements.

In responding to this question, we encourage you to think beyond conventional notions of success. Consider what sets you apart in terms of your character, experiences, and values. Avoid the temptation to compare yourself to others.

Here are eight tips to guide you in crafting a compelling response to PIQ 8:

1. Think Deeply, Critically, and Creatively

Take time to reflect deeply on your life experiences, challenges, and personal growth. Consider moments that have shaped you and values that are dear to your heart. Think creatively about how these aspects define your uniqueness.

2. Check for Suitability

Ask yourself whether the idea you’ve come up with for this essay is genuinely the best fit for it. If it feels more appropriate for a different essay prompt, consider using it there instead.

3. Avoid Repetition

Ensure that the content of your essay doesn’t duplicate information already present in your application. This essay should offer new insights into your character and experiences.

4. Find a Humble Tone

Resist the urge to boast or exaggerate your accomplishments. Instead, convey your strengths with humility and authenticity.

5. Connect Content to Character

Bridge the gap between the experiences or qualities you share and your character. How have these experiences shaped your values and principles? How do they reflect who you are as a person?

6. Emphasize Your Character as a Strong Candidate

Highlight how your unique qualities and experiences make you a strong candidate for UC admissions. Draw a clear connection between your individuality and your potential to contribute positively to the campus community.

7. Ensure Complementarity

Ensure that your response complements and reinforces the other essays in your application. Your essays should collectively provide a well-rounded view of your character and experiences.

8. Don’t Feel Obligated

Remember that you don’t have to answer this question to stand out in the admissions pool. While it’s an opportunity to showcase your uniqueness, it’s just one aspect of your application. Don’t let the pressure of this question overwhelm you.

Now, let’s explore some examples that demonstrate how students have effectively responded to PIQ 8 by thinking creatively and showing their true character:

Example 1: Leveraging Privilege for Good

Student A used her privilege to assist a less-privileged friend in applying to college. Her motivation stemmed from her own immigrant background and a desire to help others like her friend. She wrote, “Privilege controls society, and it is something I was born with. But privilege is also a tool. I was intent on using mine to give Jay the opportunity she deserved.” This essay showcased her empathy, compassion, and commitment to equity.

Example 2: Defying Stereotypes with Confidence

Student B challenged societal stereotypes by attending the junior prom alone and enjoying the experience. He shared his journey from middle school, where he faced rejection, to high school, where he learned to make friends and embrace his individuality. He wrote, “Unlike my friends who spent most of their night awkwardly anchored, I enjoyed myself.” This essay demonstrated his confidence and resilience in the face of societal expectations.

In each of these examples, these applicants revealed their character, values, and uniqueness in distinct ways. They tackled the challenge of PIQ 8 by sharing personal stories that demonstrated their authenticity and growth.

Remember, your response to PIQ 8 should not only make you stand out but also offer insights into your character, values, and the qualities that make you a strong candidate for UC admissions. Approach this essay with thoughtfulness, creativity, and a genuine desire to share your unique perspective with the admissions committee. By doing so, you’ll craft a standout application that reflects the true essence of who you are.

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About the Author: Amy Morgenstern

Dr. Amy Morgenstern, affectionately known as Dr. M, is the founder and CEO of Blue Stars Admissions Consulting. She holds a Ph.D. in philosophy and an MFA in contemporary art. A former professor of philosophy, honors program associate director, and assistant to the director of the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture, Dr. M brings a wealth of academic and multicultural experience to her practice.

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