In light of the Supreme Court Decision to end affirmative action in college admissions, many students and families are wondering what they need to know.

Some colleges are in the midst of adding new supplemental essay questions designed to give additional space for students to discuss their identity and other factors that have shaped who they are.

We already know that Tufts University has added a new question “designed to provide…context about your lived experiences, the ideas and passions that excite you, and the ways in which you have shaped your communities.”

Sarah Lawrence has also written an additional question with an interesting spin, asking students to respond directly to the ruling itself. As of right now, we also know that Cornell, Rice, and Villanova will also be adding new supplemental essays (which have not been released yet).

What should applicants do in light of these changes? Hold tight until August 1, when the Common Application “rolls over” and this year’s admissions students can see if the schools on their list have added to or changed their prompts for the upcoming admissions cycle.

Of course, Blue Stars’ editors are here to help students navigate this latest shift in the admissions landscape with confidence. If you are curious about how to best tackle essay questions that relate to diversity and identity, sign up for your free Discovery Session today!

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