Simply reading this page shows that you want the best for your teen

  • You want your teen to get into the right college

  • To do well once they get there and

  • To develop the skills needed to succeed in young adulthood

Together we can work to make it happen

With our personalized college-planning and admissions programs, your teen will get the benefits of individual attention and a proven methodology.

They will mature, become more focused, and develop a greater sense of responsibility, whether they are planning for college in advance or applying to schools.

Hundreds of Blue Stars teens have attended the college of their choice and succeeded there.

Yours can too, calmly and confidently.

“I was able to stay out of this stressful business and maintain a close and amicable relationship with my teenage daughter.”

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– Blue Stars Parent

“Blue Stars is the best.”

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– Blue Stars Parent 2

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