How do you get over twenty 10th-grade boys to get serious about college planning? Make it interactive, fun, and meaningful.

This past April, Dr. Amy Morgenstern, Founder and CEO of Blue Stars, and Laura Schadler, Student Outcomes Director, presented a college planning workshop at the invitation of the San Mateo chapter of the National League of Young Men (NLYM).

In just one hour, we shared our personal-growth oriented approach to college admissions through lively conversation and activities aimed at helping them plan for their future endeavors with a clearer picture of the admissions process and what it takes to stand out.

Laura and Dr. Morgenstern fielded excellent questions from the very polite and engaged young men. The guys then learned about the Blue Stars’ 7 Core Personality Traits – the essential qualities for success in college and beyond. To illustrate how each quality can be applied, they reviewed a real student’s essay from previous years highlighting these traits.

Finally, they discussed tangible steps for college planning, from taking challenging courses in high school to building a resume that showcases their strengths and how they have engaged with the 7 Core Personality Traits consistently during their high school years.

The boys left with a newfound sense of enthusiasm about the college admissions process, ready to start planning for their future. Moms who were present appreciated the workshop too! One even shared that, though her older son had already been through the admissions process, she learned a few helpful admissions tips herself! She described the Blue Stars approach as “refreshing.”

We are so pleased with the outcome of this workshop! Would you like us to speak to your group? Let us know!

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