We all know being a student is stressful. And sometimes that stress makes you do weird things you wouldn’t normally do….Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re writing a timed, in-class essay. You’re concentrating so much on whether you have enough time that when you go back and proofread… you realize you proved the wrong point!
  • You’re sailing through a standardized test. You check your answers and “Yay!” they’re all right…when suddenly you realize you skipped a row, so they’re all bubbled wrong!

Gahhhh! We know that feeling.

Everyone at Blue Stars has survived these tough spots, so we understand the pressure that just kind of puts you on “automatic” pilot: pushing and rushing so much to get everything done that you’re working unconsciously and making mindless mistakes.

Blue Stars has found that what helps clear away that feeling of spinning faster and faster until you “spin out” (snap at a friend, forget a due date, lose sleep) — is mindful, mental exercise.

Meditation can provide a sense of stability and calm

Studies show that meditation alleviates anxiety better than aerobic exercise, going above and beyond to positively impact your immunity, blood pressure, and ability to regulate emotion and attention!

It may seem like you don’t have time to focus and relax, but just 10-20 minutes a day will help you feel more calm and confident.

Check out our Mindfulness and Stress­-Reduction Tools for Teens below to start dealing with stress the right way!

Suggested Steps for Success

  • Read over and explore our Mindfulness and Stress­-Reduction Tools for Teens below
  • Pick just one 10-minute meditation. When you get home from school — before you start your “second shift” (homework, projects, college applications) — after 10 minutes, see whether you feel more centered, efficient and effective
  • Take a moment after “Begin!” on a timed, in-class essay or standardized test to close your eyes and breathe — you’ll be more focused and make fewer careless mistakes

We at Blue Stars have developed many tools to support you on your path to your dream school and to keep you — and your family — from spinning out in the process.

If you think you might like some support, Blue Stars is here to help!

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