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Attending a high-quality college or university is and will continue to be the gateway to a better life. The key to successful admission to these great schools, however, has changed quite drastically in the last decade is constantly evolving. Gone are the days when a “well-rounded” student who plays a sport and instrument served as the ideal top college candidate. What’s taken its place, and what further changes can we expect in these new times?

Dr. M and her team have over 10 years of experience in college admissions. Their students consistently enter their top school choices including Stanford, the Ivy Leagues, and top art programs.

Dr. Amy Morgenstern, Owner of Blue Stars College Admissions Consulting

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Blue Stars Admissions Consulting

“You guided our son, who doesn’t like to make plans and follow through, in submitting winning applications that truly show his strengths. We will always remember this. Your work makes students’ dreams come true. You are awesome!”

Dad of Jared who is attending Johns Hopkins University

Blue Stars Admissions Consulting

“Compared to my peers, I felt better prepared and a lot less stressed during the process.”

Attending Stanford University

Blue Stars Admissions Consulting

“I want to say a sincere thank you for guiding and sometimes prodding Lia through this process, making it less painful and much more productive for her and her parents!”

Mom of Lia, who is attending UC San Diego

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