Choosing Blue Stars was the best decision I ever made. Dr. M convinced me they would find the best college match for my son in our first meeting. She and Helen did it. They dug into every aspect of my son’s life, found all the bright points, and all of his talents. They were the best mentors and treated my son as a real person not just a learning machine.

Helen was very responsible. She was also the best writer and editor. She guided my son through everything from school research, to finalizing the school list, to polishing each essay until he got early admission to his dream school – Dartmouth. Whenever we needed her, she was always there. There was no rush, no hurry, no worry because of their perfect planning, appropriate strategy, and full support.

For parents like us who had no experience before, the best thing we could do was trust Blue Stars, and let the professionals do their jobs. They saved us from going on this impossible mission alone. Nothing can express our appreciation to them. I highly recommend Blue Stars to everyone who needs help with college applications.

– Janet, Blue Stars parent