Dr. M is so much more than just a college counselor. She’s a life mentor.

I first started working with Dr. M during my freshman year when I had no direction, let alone any motivation. I resented the idea of having a college counselor because I thought that she would force me to do cookie-cutter extracurriculars to boost my college resume. Rather Dr. M encouraged me to pursue activities that truly interested me, even something as unorthodox as taking DJing classes, which ultimately helped me find my true passions.

From helping me craft essays that captured the breadth of my personality to preparing me for interviews, Dr. M streamlined the college application process and somehow made it slightly enjoyable. I can’t thank Dr. M enough for helping me get into my dream schools and playing an indispensable role in my personal development throughout my high school career.

– Michael B., Blue Stars student
Saratoga High School, Saratoga, CA