It goes without saying that Dr. M’s wisdom, encouragement and deft life-coaching played a major part in our daughter’s Swarthmore success, and I’d like to give credit where credit is due.

I really think our daughter responded to Dr. M as a teacher, mentor and role model. Her relationship with Dr. M and team was “hers.” It was a safe place for our daughter to express her hopes and fears and work through her eventual plan for success. That was a great gift.

As parents going into the college application process, we inevitably heard many stories about the pressure on high school kids and the pros and cons of using a college coach etc. Having lived through it, all I can say is that working with Blue Stars was extremely positive not just for our daughter, but for her mom and me. As parents, we could both support our daughter at times but also let her go at times, knowing there was a good safety net protecting our daughter as she inched her way along the tightrope of the college application process. That was great for our daughter; but it was also fantastic for us and for our relationship with our always willful, steadily more self-confident, but sometimes all too adolescent daughter.

So thank you, Dr. M, and thank you to your splendid team, for making this years-long, difficult process not just rewarding but enriching. Now, can we please set up a meeting about my son?

– Linda, Blue Stars parent