Dr. M is a pseudonym for Miracle Worker.

She not only genuinely cares about her clients but also does her absolute best to ensure that they succeed. Not having the best grades or the top SAT scores, I was a bit dubious about getting outside help for my college essays and supplements. But my older sister, who had received help from Amy for her college applications, assured me that Amy is top notch and would be a great advantage. Sure enough, Dr. M didn’t let me down. She encouraged me to explore the depths of my ideas and experiences, which resulted in original, fresh essays. She doesn’t make students write run of the mill, cookie-cutter college essays that one would expect from a college admissions consultant. She preserves the uniqueness of each of her clients and helps incorporate those specialties into their essays and other writing supplements. What Dr. M teaches you is not only useful for the college process, but also outside of the college realm. I’ve learned to dig deeper and pull out ideas that are relevant and compelling in any situation.

I am truly so grateful to have met such a phenomenal, fantastic admissions consultant. She truly is the best at what she does and certainly the most qualified in her field. She knows what she is doing, and she knows how to get you into the school of your dreams. Thanks to her, I am proud to say that I will be attending Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

– Hye-Won, Blue Stars student
Nueva High School, San Mateo, CA