Helen and Dr. M have not only guided me through understanding and breaking down the college admissions process, but have helped me flesh out my own interests and take constructive steps to explore them. Over the last few years, they’ve helped me develop a niche academic and extracurricular profile reflective of my own passions.

Helen worked closely with me to narrow down, plan, and apply for summer programs and STEM competitions, all the while finding independent research opportunities for me to explore. Instead of pushing for fulfilling volunteer hour quotas, she encouraged me to pursue and commit to a variety of volunteering opportunities reflective of my own interests. While I was considering starting a science-literacy initiative, Helen not only sat down with me monthly to help me develop an action plan (recruiting volunteers, creating a website, etc…), in her free time she would also send news articles my way to bring fresh perspectives to the work I was doing for my organization.

Helen and Dr. M provided great insight into college admissions, and their unique counseling process fostered a space in which I felt comfortable self-reflecting and building long-lasting personal and academic habits. I’ve had a fantastic experience working with Blue Stars and would highly recommend them to all families.

– Alya, Blue Stars student
Lynbrook High School, San Jose, CA