Being the firstborn child to my immigrant parents in the U.S., no one in our family was familiar with the American school and college system, and although we could learn from the internet and other resources, we didn’t feel comfortable or well versed in it enough to make our own progress. I started with Blue Stars my sophomore year and really felt like my voice was heard and that we were developing my individual story instead of having to write a new one. I like that counseling encouraged me to persist and pursue passions I already had instead of forcing me to cut out things I wanted to do. Blue Stars helped me present myself as an individual more holistically and in a way I couldn’t have done justice myself, and they really had my best interests at heart.

I love Blue Stars so much, and she is there to listen to even my personal emotional issues and has not only helped with the college selection and application process but has helped with my growth as a leader and person. I highly recommend Blue Stars because they genuinely care about you and will have your best interests at heart, they will not sugarcoat anything or present unrealistic things and are always genuine and amazing.

– Keyvan, Blue Stars student
Crystal Springs Uplands School, Hillsborough, CA