Working with Dr. M is one of the greatest decisions I made during my son’s high school years. Prior to meeting her, we had tried several writing tutors. To say it simply: Dr. M is the best! I had not met Dr. M before reading reviews on an educational website. Yet after several minutes of Skype conversation, my heart told me that Dr. M is the one we were looking for a long time. My son’s acceptance letters and full scholarships prove that my intuition was correct. I still feel so lucky that I found her, Dr. M!

Dr. M is fun to work with and patient with her students. I appreciated her ability to dig out my son’s thoughts and highlight his talents and specialties. My son actually enjoyed every session he had with her (compared to being bored and sleepy with high school tutors). On the other hand, Dr. M sets her standard very high. She regularly filtered out some trivial ideas that my son thought were “good” before. She made my son think hard and write multiple drafts until the work stood out. I cannot remember how many extra sessions she scheduled with my son. One day, while working on several scholarship essays, they even worked for over four hours! In the end, my son was accepted to Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering, CMU, and other schools with full scholarships.

There are so many examples that I cannot list them all here, but in summary, I want to say that Dr. M is a smart, passionate, and dedicated professional. Three months passed by quickly, and although the college application is over now, the friendship with Dr. M will last. If I could do it over again, I wish we could have worked with Dr. M earlier, when my son was in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade.

– Grace, Blue Stars parent