We are very happy we chose to work with Blue Stars. It was a huge relief for me as a parent to remove myself from working directly with my son on his essays (especially) during his very busy senior fall semester and to know that he had the support of knowledgeable and committed Blue Stars team members who would help him distill and put together his own, not overly influenced by his parents’, compelling picture of himself and how he would contribute to the highly selective college he hoped to attend. The Blue Stars team helped get him started on the daunting essay writing process, strategized with him on how and where to showcase different aspects of his interests and experiences in the applications, kept him on track so there was no last-minute time crunch and, above all, offered invaluable “neutral” feedback and editorial suggestions on his writing. And the best part – he was accepted at his first-choice school during the early decision process!

– Kelly, Blue Stars parent