Blue Stars has been helping me for the past four years on not only applying to college, but also giving me advice for living my life and growing to be a well-rounded and responsible person. She has allowed me to follow the path I want to and guided me to the places I want to reach, advising me on activities I am genuinely interested in. This has been especially good for me because I had a very specific set of goals.

Many people I know were very stressed with selecting and applying to colleges, but with Blue Stars’ help, I felt very little of this struggle. She helped me research and find colleges I wanted to apply to in the US and Europe, and I felt little anxiety about the outcome. She also gave me invaluable feedback on my essays which allowed me to express myself with the knowledge of what admissions officers are looking for.

I am incredibly grateful as this process has allowed me to get into my dream school and become a better person than I was four years ago.

– Amelia, Blue Stars student
Cupertino High School, Cupertino, CA