Amy [Morgenstern] is a wonderful college counselor, writer and editor. I was part of Amy’s earliest class and 10+ years later, I’ve enrolled my brother at Blue Stars. The best part of working with Amy is that she has “magic” in her writing and storytelling. As the family of hard-working students, we really want to help them put their best foot forward and have college admissions see their personality, grit and merits (beyond the stats). Amy is the best at this!

Her process helps extract the raw content from the student’s experiences, focus in on topics and concepts that helps showcase “X factors,” and finally Amy and her team helps polish and refine the piece so it not only showcases maturity in content but elegance in literary skill.

For first time college families, Amy’s team helps a lot with time management. We started the process a little late this year, but we worked together with the team to come up with an expedited timeline, set expectations and were able to execute quickly with time to spare. I think a family’s level of involvement and the student’s natural drive plays a big role. If the student isn’t willing to put in the time it could be a little more painful, but the Blue Stars team will coach and push the student. If the student is extremely driven and wants the team to go faster, they will 100% match that level of energy.

With Amy and team’s help, we were able to get into the dream school (4.4% admissions) REA. If Amy is in the business in 18-20 years (lol), I’ll be back again and send my kids to her!

– Laura M., Blue Stars student
Mission San Jose High School, Fremont, CA