Working with Dr. Morgenstern was the most important decision I made once I set to work on my MFA applications. I came to Amy with high expectations, and she topped them all! Our Skype sessions between San Francisco and Tel Aviv were an intellectual challenge for me, but also great fun, thanks to her enthusiasm and lively attitude.

We started the process by closely analyzing my portfolio, interrogating my work, and exploring areas of development. Writing assignments and discussion sessions followed, through which I gained a better understanding of my strengths and my weaknesses and established an exciting, new direction for my work. As my portfolio progressed, we then strategized on a ‘composition’ that best projected my current interests and reflected the uniqueness of my work. Amy’s constant questioning pushed me further and further; although it was frustrating at times, this process led to my best work yet.

After analyzing my visual work we continued on to my artist statement. Being a visual artist, I sometimes find it hard to translate my visual concepts into cohesive text. Amy gave me weekly assignments and challenged me to dig deep and articulate my thoughts in an intellectual and cultural context. From one week to the next, I gained new tools that helped me express myself better. Her constant care for details and great understanding of both the contemporary art world and the English language are what made our sessions such an interesting experience for me. I learned a lot about myself, my work, and my abilities from Amy. She opened my horizons and introduced me to new ways of thinking, and to the creative writing process in general. After long hours of discussing every word, we decided on the final essay, which I felt expressed my own unique view and made my statement stand out from other essays.

Choosing the right art program is another another important aspect of the admissions process. With so many different well-known institutions, it was very difficult to determine which would suit my interests and future artistic goals. Blue Stars researched the best programs available for me, and together we compared the different criteria and decided on a school list.

Looking back, working on post-bac admissions with Amy was a rigorous but very satisfying process. I would recommend Blue Stars in a heartbeat. Dr. Morgenstern’s great advice and editing skills helped me outshine hundreds of graduate applicants. Working with Dr. Morgenstern is without a doubt the reason I was accepted to each of the three programs I applied to! Now I’m simply left with the tough decision of where to go :)

– Dana, Blue Stars student
Los Gatos High School, Los Gatos, CA