When I first started working with Dr. M at the end of sophomore year, I was quite skeptical of college counseling and was afraid of being forced into a mold. Dr. M completely shattered these misgivings. Rather than telling me what to do/who to be, Dr. M challenged me to search for what I personally found fascinating and fulfilling, and helped me nurture these passions. Rather than solely preparing my resume for college, Dr. M prepared my mind for the endless possibilities of learning and empowered me to pursue those topics that most excite me.

Under her guidance, I was able embrace my love for literature, poetry, and conceptual art, which I had previously found difficult to do in a STEM-heavy home and school environment. She continuously presented me with a multitude of opportunities to broaden and deepen my understanding of art and writing throughout my high school years. Dr. M’s relentless drive and boundless energy matched the fast-pace of these critical few years as together we pressed forward in these intellectual explorations.

Thanks to her guidance, I am excited to say that I will be attending Stanford University in the fall!

– Rose, Blue Stars student
Los Altos High School, Los Altos, CA