From the moment that I met Amy (or shall I say Dr. M), I knew that she was someone special. To say she is the most thorough, hardworking, and tenacious person that I’ve ever met would be an understatement. She is willing to stay up until two o’ clock in the morning editing your work (either on land or in flight), handle all the technical difficulties involved in assembling that troublesome video art supplement, and most importantly, she will NEVER give up on you. EVER.

To give a nice analogy of what working with Amy will be like, think of Mary Poppins. No matter how “stuck” the situation feels, Amy always pulls out a solution to your problems from her magic carpet bag, adding sparkles to your college apps with her brilliant creativity. Now creativity, in my opinion, and Amy’s artistic ways is what distinguishes her –the quality that makes her the “Blue Star”–from other admissions consultants. Her creative genius-ness is very contagious. By the time you go through an intense college app writing session with her, you feel mesmerized by Amy Poppins’ innovativeness, and you, too, feel like a creative artist. Starting early really helps! Amy gets to know you a whole lot better this way, making you feel like that green parrot umbrella Mary Poppins always carries around with her. This is how strong I felt our bond was.

By the end of our college app journey, I felt an intellectual growth spurt as well as an improvement in writing. Oh and did I mention that Dr. M is THE queen of word-count? I am still fascinated by all the miracles that occur to my papers after she waves her magic wand. Working with this spunky, spirited, ambitious, quirky, and simply amazing woman has been my privilege and ultimately the source that “turned my frown upside down” throughout this tough, blizzardy road to completing college applications. All I can say is THANK YOU AMY!!!

– HJ, Blue Stars student
Mountain View High School, Mt. View, CA