After three years of high school and 17 years of life, I knew I had stories I wanted to tell, lessons I wanted to share, and ideas I wanted to communicate. However, I had no clue which experiences were unique or worthwhile writing about in my college application essays.

Working with Ms. Ingerson and Dr. M throughout the application process, I learned to think critically and creatively about myself, allowing me to put pen to paper. Through engaged discussions with both of them before even looking at any prompts, I not only realized the true potential of my stories and lived experiences, I also found the writer in me.

Through their process and dedication, the month-long college application process was greatly streamlined. I’m ever so grateful to Ms. Ingerson and Dr. M for providing me their resources and support, for encouraging me to think reflectively and introspectively, and for building my confidence in my own ability to communicate effectively and efficiently, lessons I will take with me to college and beyond.

– Aaron, Blue Stars student
Monta Vista High School, Cupertino, CA