I’ve learned from my four years of working with Dr. M that she is so much more than a college counselor. She is a life coach who pushes you to reach your full potential; she will urge you to take initiative and start that club and will send your admissions essay back for another draft, filled with comments, if she feels that you can do better. She is a mentor who will open you up to new ideas. She is passionate and thoughtful; she will send you articles that pique your interest or spark insightful mid-meeting discussions on feminism, the environment, or entrepreneurship.

I am incredibly fortunate to have worked with Dr. M throughout my high school career. She has supported me through it all: summer program applications, volunteer opportunities, internships, art portfolio assembly, to name just a few. And when it came to college admissions, working with Blue Stars was an absolute pleasure. Every essay was handcrafted piece by piece, a result of meaningful discussions and rounds of constructive criticism. It was grueling, poring over all the comments and editing draft after draft, but we produced essays together that not only expressed my individuality but also appealed to admissions officers. And my admissions results were reflective of our hard work–this fall, I’m heading to UPenn to study Computer Science, and I couldn’t be happier.

Working with Dr. M was the best decision I could’ve ever made, and I strongly urge you to learn, grow, and thrive under her guidance!

– Liam, Blue Stars student
Carlmont High School, Belmont, CA