May, my daughter has been with Blue Stars since she was in 9th grade. This year she has graduated and will start her next chapter in UCLA. I would say that Amy offered tremendous help in her college planning and admission journey.

I am incredibly impressed by their professionalism and knowledge. College planning and admission is a very complex process in the US. My No.1 goal was for May to be able to go to a good college that she likes. I will give it a 5 out 5. The No.2 goal for me seeking professional help was to free up my own time and be worry-free. Again, 5 out 5. I was able to stay out of this stressful business and maintain a close and amicable relationship with my teenage daughter.

I am also thankful that Amy is very respectful of May’s own interests and personality. She let May be herself, engaging her interest and providing clear guidance and helping her prioritizing things. I can tell May values her opinion a lot. A healthy relationship leads to a great outcome. In the three years of them working together, May has grown into a responsible adult and learned to handle the stressful schedule, a lot of credits go to Amy!

– Lisa, Blue Stars parent