When my mom brought Blue Stars to my attention as a way to help me write my college essay and supplementals, I was slightly taken aback at first. I consider myself to be a good writer and responsible student, and was already ahead in the college application process.

What my mom convinced me of (and what I found to be true) was the strategic knowledge that Blue Stars would bring to the table. You may come in knowing exactly what you want to write about, or maybe you have no idea, and they will look at your entire application profile and find the best way to show all your unique and desirable aspects. Maybe the topics you thought you wanted to write about for a supplement would be better as the main essay, or something that you didn’t consider would be good to list under activities. If you are less confident in the writing process and your writing skills, they are incredibly helpful in turning your story into a compelling narrative, taking your words and helping convey a message to the colleges about who you are and why you are the right person for that institution. In the end it is your future, and your application.

My counselor, Jen, had a lot of ideas, and I knew her only goal was to help me make my application as strong as possible. I experienced a lot of respect about the way I wanted to show myself to colleges and came to understand that while my counselor may feel strongly, everything was in my hands in terms of what the application looked like in the end. All of the people at Blue Stars work very hard, both when they are with you and outside of the meetings, so show them respect and get the work done on time, but also talk to them about what you have time to do or not do for that week, and they will work to make the process smoother. In the end, you will have a great holistic application to as many colleges as you are applying to and can expect positive results.

– Nathan, Blue Stars student
Monta Vista High School, Cupertino, CA