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Positive and Confident In Who They Are

Most college admission consultants are probably good at helping students submit grammatically and structurally correct essays and applications. Blue Stars Admissions Consulting, however, goes well beyond that. They are exceptionally adept at connecting with their students at a deeper level, helping them to discover and [...]


Dr. M’s wisdom, encouragement and deft life-coaching played a major part in our daughter’s Swarthmore success

It goes without saying that Dr. M's wisdom, encouragement and deft life-coaching played a major part in our daughter's Swarthmore success, and I’d like to give credit where credit is due. I really think our daughter responded to Dr. M as a teacher, mentor and [...]


“I learned more about writing in the three months I spent with Dr. Morgenstern…”

Sartre’s 1945 lecture “Existentialism is a Humanism” rather aptly sums up the ultimate goal of college admissions. Just as Sartre argued that existence comes before essence (that is, we exist before defining ourselves), college applications ask students to step back and question themselves: “Who am [...]


“She helped me get rid of my worries and into a Yale summer research program”

When you become a junior, the pressure really builds up to do something really useful with this last summer before applying to college. Consequently, most kids apply for summer programs. However, there are only so many programs and only so many spots available. When I [...]


Offered a professional position while still in graduate school

Dr. Morgenstern is truly amazing! With her assistance, I was able to tap into her breadth of knowledge and experience for the necessary insights that were integral to making my admission and scholarship essays stand out. As a result, I was admitted into the master [...]