Blue Stars cares about the privacy of our clients. Each writer has chosen an alias for his or her testimonial.

I decided to attend UC Davis as a Regents Scholar

Many thanks to Dr. Morgenstern for helping me along my college admissions journey! I'm very pleased and proud of the essays I wrote with her guidance. I decided to attend UC Davis as a Regents Scholar as I love the community the college provides and [...]

I Highly Recommend Blue Stars Admissions

I highly recommend Blue Stars. I love the approach that Dr. M and Helen take – they helped my son think through his interests, suggested opportunities, set goals, and continually challenged him to do better. This approach not only helped provide a “mirror” to uncover [...]

Positive and Confident In Who They Are

Most college admission consultants are probably good at helping students submit grammatically and structurally correct essays and applications. Blue Stars Admissions Consulting, however, goes well beyond that. They are exceptionally adept at connecting with their students at a deeper level, helping them to discover and [...]

Became More Mature and Independent

Blue Stars helped my child get into MIT successfully. But for me, Blue Stars helped her much more than just with her college applications. Blue Stars helped my daughter find an internship opportunity in summer and throughout the year so that she could learn how [...]

Made me grow as a writer and a thinker

I just want to say once again that I am SO grateful for Laura’s advice, creativity, and countless edits and for guiding me (and keeping me on schedule) through the college application process. Laura and Dr. M have really made me grow as a writer [...]

Helped me find my true passions

Dr. M is so much more than just a college counselor. She’s a life mentor. I first started working with Dr. M during my freshman year when I had no direction, let alone any motivation. I resented the idea of having a college counselor because [...]

I was able to determine what exactly I want for myself

The hardest part of any project is beginning. Before I started working with Dr. M and Ms. Ingerson, I was paralyzed by the seemingly insurmountable process that is applying to colleges: I had to decide (definitively, as I believed at the time) what path I [...]

I was accepted to my dream school!

I first began working with Dr. M and Ms. Ingerson near the end of my junior year. They were wonderful! From filling out the “Additional Information” section of the Common Application to explaining how college interviews work, they made sure to thoroughly explain all parts of [...]

My art portfolio never looked better!

I began my college application process in 2014. I had attended a total of four different community colleges. As an adult learner who had to work full time, there were time gaps in my education. Without very little guidance from my counselors, I found it difficult [...]

Dr. M’s wisdom, encouragement and deft life-coaching played a major part in our daughter’s Swarthmore success

It goes without saying that Dr. M's wisdom, encouragement and deft life-coaching played a major part in our daughter's Swarthmore success, and I’d like to give credit where credit is due. I really think our daughter responded to Dr. M as a teacher, mentor and [...]

Insider perspective on the college application process

Thank you so much for all your help with my college applications. Your advice always pinpointed the exact weaknesses in my essays and help me turn them into strengths. Thank you for giving me the "insider perspective" on the college application process, always keeping me [...]

I am going to my dream college

From the initial school searching process to revising and polishing my supplements to last minute Common App activities list anxieties, Dr. M and Laura's help made my college application process much less stressful and much more enjoyable. My supplements and common app essay wouldn't be nearly [...]

continuously presented me with a multitude of opportunities

When I first started working with Dr. M at the end of sophomore year, I was quite skeptical of college counseling and was afraid of being forced into a mold. Dr. M completely shattered these misgivings. Rather than telling me what to do/who to be, [...]

I highly recommend Dr. M and her team

After two unsuccessful attempts applying to graduate school, I reached out to Dr. M and her team to guide me through the process in a more prepared and professional manner. I worked closely with Laura, who not only provided me with supplemental materials that I [...]

Simply put, we were blown away

Seeking the guidance of Blue Stars Admissions Consulting was the best thing I could've done for my child, who will be heading to his dream school this fall! Working with Blue Stars was such a positive experience and the admissions results exceeded all of [...]

“A Significant Impact On My Daughter’s Success”

I recommend Blue Stars with my full enthusiasm! Dr. M has been coaching my daughter since she was a freshman in high school. In the past 3 years, not only had my daughter had regular one-on- one meetings with Dr. M for her academic work [...]

“My favorite high school mentor”

Whenever the name of my favorite mentor during high school, "Dr. M," is mentioned, two words immediately come to mind: dedicated and determined. Never did she give up on me, even after more than several drafts of the same essay or while we were working [...]

“Full of dedication”

If I had to narrow it down to one word describing Dr. M, it probably would be dedicated. Who else would work tirelessly just for the benefit of her students? Without Dr. M, I have absolutely no doubt that the whole college application process would [...]

“She will NEVER give up on you. EVER.”

From the moment that I met Amy (or shall I say Dr. M), I knew that she was someone special. To say she is the most thorough, hardworking, and tenacious person that I've ever met would be an understatement. She is willing to stay up [...]

“The Best There Is”

I started working with Amy pretty early on in the game, around the summer of ’10. I don’t even know where to begin to praise her work. The first time I met her, she was extremely confident in her ability to get me to where [...]

“I learned more about writing in the three months I spent with Dr. Morgenstern…”

Sartre’s 1945 lecture “Existentialism is a Humanism” rather aptly sums up the ultimate goal of college admissions. Just as Sartre argued that existence comes before essence (that is, we exist before defining ourselves), college applications ask students to step back and question themselves: “Who am [...]

“Meeting Dr. M changed our lives”

I’ll never forget the scream that came out of my daughter's room. Panic set in and then I heard: “Mom, I got accepted to U Mich!” "Call Dr. M and tell her the good news now!" I shouted back, my heart full of happiness. Yes, [...]

“An extremely polished summer program application”

Without Dr. M's help, I don't think my son would have been admitted to Carnegie Mellon's Game Academy so smoothly. Her guidance with numerous revisions on his essays resulted in an extremely polished application packet. Thank you, Dr. M! We're excited for the summer! Susan, [...]

“She helped me get rid of my worries and into a Yale summer research program”

When you become a junior, the pressure really builds up to do something really useful with this last summer before applying to college. Consequently, most kids apply for summer programs. However, there are only so many programs and only so many spots available. When I [...]

Offered a professional position while still in graduate school

Dr. Morgenstern is truly amazing! With her assistance, I was able to tap into her breadth of knowledge and experience for the necessary insights that were integral to making my admission and scholarship essays stand out. As a result, I was admitted into the master [...]

“She is sharp, incisive, precise and discerning”

My graduate school applications (MFA) were due in less than a month, my personal statement was weak and disjointed, and I was panicking. I appealed to Dr. Morgenstern via email one evening, and within a couple of hours, we were Skyping from one end of [...]

“I dare say that I actually had fun working on college apps”

Dr. M seemed to be able to read my mind. I had great ideas for my essays, but I had a difficult time putting them into words. Fortunately, Dr. M was there to help me. She got to know me very well, perhaps even better [...]

“I gained a lot more through the entire process than early admission to Carnegie Mellon”

Junior year is hectic; you need to keep up your AP classes, clubs, sports, extracurriculars, just about everything. My first time meeting Dr. M, with all her flair, reminded me of the hyped-up junior year, as it seemed she did it all. She's an artist [...]

“She’s really focused on the tasks at hand, and the acceptance letters prove it!”

Dr. Morgenstern wasn't just a college consultant who helped my son correct essays for grammatical mistakes; she was there to truly understand him so that his essays shined. I really felt she could take something we had originally thought was very ordinary for him, just [...]

“I felt the heavy burden of college applications being lifted off my shoulders”

Before I met Amy, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to write about for my personal statements or even how to go about brainstorming. However, after telling her about some of my extracurriculars and interests at our first meeting, she was able [...]

“I’m very grateful to Amy for helping my daughter get into her dream school, UC San Diego”

I strongly recommend Amy to families with kids who are applying to college. After my daughter and I met with Amy only once, we knew she was the right person to help with Jenny’s UC essay. She is very knowledgeable about the UC system and [...]

“Working with Dr. M is one of the greatest decisions I made during my son’s high school years”

Working with Dr. M is one of the greatest decisions I made during my son’s high school years. Prior to meeting her, we had tried several writing tutors. To say it simply: Dr. M is the best! I had not met Dr. M before reading [...]

“A Full-Tuition Scholarship to Law School!”

Dr. M’s writing process is one of the most rigorous I have ever experienced (and I’m in the third year of law school!). Draft after draft, hour after hour, Dr. M worked closely with me to focus my ideas and hone my message. In the [...]

“Landed a coveted research position at an Ivy League laboratory”

My daughter and I had the good fortune of working with Dr. Amy Morgenstern over the last year. After an arduous vetting process, we chose Dr. M, who was clearly the most qualified among the admissions consultants we interviewed. What a fantastic choice we made! [...]

“The best decision we made for our daughter last year”

Working with Dr. Amy Morgenstern on college planning and admissions was the best decision we made for our daughter last year. Under the guidance of Dr. M, our daughter grew more focused and more confident. She was also accepted to every program she applied to: [...]

“I was admitted to my dream school, Columbia University!”

To all who are browsing this website: working with Dr. M will be a decision you will never regret. Dr. M is the best editor and advisor I’ve ever worked with! With regard to college counseling, she took the time to thoroughly brainstorm ideas with [...]

“She encouraged me to explore the depths of my ideas and experiences, which resulted in original, fresh essays.”

Dr. M is a pseudonym for Miracle Worker. She not only genuinely cares about her clients but also does her absolute best to ensure that they succeed. Not having the best grades or the top SAT scores, I was a bit dubious about getting outside [...]

“They carefully listen to your story and discover something special about you that you probably are not aware of.”

Working with Amy and Garth is the best decision I have ever made in my high school! And they are absolutely the most responsible and professional editors. Every session I had with Amy and Garth was productive and self-enriching––more like an inspiring discussion that makes [...]

“I would recommend Blue Stars in a heartbeat.”

Working with Dr. Morgenstern was the most important decision I made once I set to work on my MFA applications. I came to Amy with high expectations, and she topped them all! Our Skype sessions between San Francisco and Tel Aviv were an intellectual challenge [...]

“I don’t think I can say enough great things about Dr. M. and the tremendous, personalized assistance she provided for my daughter.”

While looking for help with our daughter’s college applications, we were very fortunate to have a friend recommend Dr. M. Upon reviewing Dr. M.'s website and meeting with her, it was apparent she possessed a wealth of college admissions consulting experience. We started with Dr. [...]

“Bottom line: Blue Stars will show your uniqueness and potential both to you and to universities.”

I began working with Dr. M relatively late, during September of my senior year. I had reservations about working with a college admissions counselor, because I had heard horror stories about students whose counselors had snuffed out their individuality. Working with Dr. M and [...]

“Dr. M and her team of writing coaches will change your life”

The two years I spent with Dr. M have enriched, matured, and shaped me as a person and student. Working through Skype or Google Hangouts (I live on the East Coast), Dr. M successfully counseled me through my school work, SATs, applications for summer programs, [...]

“Every essay was handcrafted piece by piece”

I’ve learned from my four years of working with Dr. M that she is so much more than a college counselor. She is a life coach who pushes you to reach your full potential; she will urge you to take initiative and start that club [...]

“Truly brought out the best in me”

Going into the college application process, I thought that BlueStars would simply be a companion along the way, helping me tackle the daunting essays that undoubtedly awaited. Instead, Dr. M (who can truly work some magic) helped me discover who I am as a learner [...]