a man and a woman with their backs turned to one another looking at their work4 Key Differences Between Computer Science and Data Science Majors
Webinar - AI for All: An Interdisciplinary IntroductionWebinar - AI for All: An Interdisciplinary Introduction

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🚀👩‍💻 Ready to embark on a future where technology and humanity converge? Dive into the world of AI with our webinar: “Prepare for a Career in AI”! 🤖✨

Join Dr. Amy Morgenstern and Ross Greer, mentor @polygenceresearchacademy7217 , as they unveil the secrets of breaking into the dynamic field of artificial intelligence. From AI-powered vehicles 🚗 to human-computer interaction, explore cutting-edge innovations that are shaping our world.

🌟 [Timestamp: 5:00] Discover the thrilling potential of AI in interpreting human communication—imagine a world where technology not only understands our words but also our emotions and intentions!
🔬 [Timestamp:
9:31] Reflect on the unconventional paths leading to AI and computer vision, proving passion is the true compass towards a fulfilling career.
🤔 [Timestamp:
15:09] Engage in profound discussions about the ethical implications of AI technologies—navigating the thin line between innovative and intrusive.
👨‍🔬 [Timestamp:
17:53] Learn about the myriad roles within AI and the interdisciplinary collaborations pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve.
🎓 [Timestamp:
24:18] Hear invaluable advice for high school students on beginning their journey in AI—emphasizing curiosity-driven learning and practical problem solving over rote memorization.
🚀 [Timestamp:
30:03 & 35:56] Uncover the exciting applications of AI in fields as diverse as robotics, medicine, sports, and beyond!

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