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If your child is taking the first ever digital PSAT in October, you must have questions!

What does the PSAT measure and why does it matter? Should the new digital format factor into your child’s prep plan? How does the PSAT relate to the National Merit Scholarship program? Do PSAT scores translate into SAT readiness?

The PSAT, or Preliminary SAT, is more than just a practice test – it’s a key stepping stone in your child’s college preparation journey.

We know how stressful it can be to navigate the uncertainty around how to best prepare for the test, especially given the new digital format. In this webinar, we will provide answers and clarity.

Don’t let the PSAT intimidate you or your child! Join Morris Kohanfars of ArborBridge Test Prep and Laura Schadler of Blue Stars Admissions Consulting as they share expert guidance on how to best approach the PSAT.

You will come away with:
– A clear understanding of the PSAT and its significance.
– Effective strategies to help your child prepare for the new digital version of the test.
– Information on how to access and use new prep resources, including the Bluebook testing app.
– Insight into the PSAT-SAT relationship and how to leverage PSAT scores for SAT preparation.
– Knowledge about the National Merit Scholarship and how to enhance your child’s chances of securing it.

The PSAT vs. The SAT. (2:31)
Does taking the PSAT prepare you for the digital SAT? (
Tools for graphing math. (
Reading and math passages. (
Adaptability of the reading comp. (
How to sign up for the Blue Book app. (
How to use a calculator? (

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About the Author: The Blue Stars Team

Blue Stars Admissions Consulting
The Blue Stars Team made up of Amy Morgenstern, Helen Ingerson, and Jennifer Turfler have over 50 years of college admissions experience between them and have helped countless of students get into their dream school.

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